Owner Managed Business & Entrepreneurs

Safeguarding all your interests – business and personal

We understand that the key requirements for most entrepreneurs are to protect their business, to attract the right people, and to move forward, becoming better and more successful.

We are here to help you: we offer specialist business protection in the form of shareholder and partnership protection, as well as protection against the loss of your key people.

We can also assist you to attract and retain the right staff with a comprehensive employee benefits package designed specifically for your budget and requirements.

And we are also experts in investment management, offering a range of solutions for the management of your business profits.

Shareholder and Partnership protection

What will happen to your share of your business if you or one of your partners or co-directors were to die?  Most of us want to pass our wealth onto our family, but do we want to pass on our business interests at the same time?

With suitable shareholder or partnership protection you can make sure that your family benefits from the value of your business, while your business partners retain full control.

This is a specialist area of protection requiring HMRC approval and we have all the expertise you need.

Key Person

Who are the key people in your business?  The directors, the business winners, the inventors and ideas people, the technical experts?  How will your business suffer if one of them is injured, becomes seriously ill or even dies?

We can help you arrange suitable protection to help your business steer through these difficult times.