OPTIMUM – How we can help you

We genuinely believe that, by helping you make smart decisions about your money and avoid costly ones, we can deliver peace of mind and the greatest chance of achieving your personal life goals. Our aim is to help you achieve, through effective financial management, whatever is important to you.

We see this process as an ongoing journey aimed at achieving your objectives, whilst recognising that they will change as time goes on. It is very much a two-way relationship,but with you in control.

  • At the beginning of our journey we will meet with you in person to find out about your individual circumstances, goals and expectations. This enables us to determine your objectives and the relevant time scales involved.
  • We will then review and research the whole market to establish the most appropriate solutions for your individual needs and objectives, and present you with our recommendations in the form of a personal Financial Planning Report.
  • Once we have had the opportunity to discuss our recommendations with you, we will implement all agreed actions.
  • We will then meet with you again, at least once a year, to review your objectives and ensure your plan is on track to achieve them.