Estate & Wealth Preservation

Helping you maximise the wealth you leave behind

Having worked hard to create, accumulate and then manage your wealth throughout your life, you want to make sure that as much of that wealth as possible is passed to your chosen beneficiaries when you are no longer here. This could be your loved ones or a favourite charity. Whatever your wishes, we can help make sure your wealth is arranged in the most effective way.

After first making sure you have a valid, up-to-date Will in place – and we can introduce you to one of our specialist partners to arrange this for you if needed – we will then recommend an appropriate course of action in a personal estate planning report. Estate planning is complex and our knowledgeable financial consultants have years of experience helping clients in this area. We can help you consider such issues as appropriate gifting arrangements, or organise whole of life protection so you know your beneficiaries’ inheritance tax liability is covered. As with all areas of financial planning, everyone’s specific requirements are different. We will look at your own unique circumstances and then provide you with tailored advice to achieve your objectives.

Inheritance tax

There are many different IHT strategies, including full use of your nil rate band, reducing the value of your estate via gifts (Potentially Exempt Transfers or gifts to charity), Trusts and specialist investment vehicles, or making provision for the IHT bill to be paid via a life assurance policy which will pay out a sufficient lump sum on death.

We can help you to design your strategy with any combination of the above to suit your circumstances and requirements and to decide the best way forward.