Presentation & Recommendation Of Your Financial Planning Report

The second meeting will typically last two hours, depending on the complexity of your situation. Again,you may wish to invite other people such as your spouse, partner,children or other professional advisers.

During this meeting your Financial Planner will take you through your personal Financial Planning Report.

The plan will:

  • outline your current position
  • detail our observations in each area
  • provide formal recommendations,with confirmation of the basis foreach one.

Our recommendations may cover various time horizons (such as things to do immediately as well as considerations for the future)and be dependent on any knownor foreseeable events. We will also provide you with any supporting information that sits behind our recommendations including, where applicable, illustrations and product brochures (including key features documents).

We will provide you with full details of the investments we recommend to you, including, for example:

  • any minimum time periods over which the investment should be held
  • information on your right to cancel
  • other early termination rights and penalties.

These will also be covered in the relevant product disclosure information you will receive before taking out any individual financial product.

The advice and recommendations we give to you will be based on your stated objectives and circumstances, and will take into account any restrictions you have told us that you have on the type of investments you are willing to consider.

If you feel that we have misunderstood your objectives, or have any questions on any element of your personal Financial Planning Report, please do let your Financial Planner know. It is important that we are working towards the same goals and that you understand the reasons for our recommendations and how the recommended investments work.

If subsequent meetings are required,these will be discussed and agreed with you.