Financial Education

Supplementing 1:1 guidance, this is a series of classroom based presentations to ensure that good member outcomes are achieved.

Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.

Chinese proverb

Any company can produce a glossy brochure extolling virtues, capabilities and values. We are no different in many respects and recognise the place for glossy. But when we saw this Chinese proverb, it made us think:

Tell me = Auto Enrolment. You are in a scheme now, so good luck! And by the way, enjoy reading all the documents that you get sent or emails with links to information you receive from your pension provider (90% of which we know is never read).

Show me = This is getting much closer to the right result. We love showing your employees the things that they need to be thinking about. If your ambition is to run education sessions in a classroom format, then we will gladly support this and bespoke deliver your message and ensure it is done so by brilliant experts.

Involve me = Education and Engagement Heaven! Now we are talking about employees being part of the pension governance committee. We are talking about genuine representation of member views in delivering “good member outcomes”. And above all we are talking about employees taking an active interest in their own financial good health; about them personally understanding the trajectory they are on; and about taking appropriate advice along the journey to a good outcome. Remember, it is ok for an employee to get to retirement and have a disappointing income – it is never ok for it to be a surprise!

Online technology in the workplace may support the addition of some knowledge for some members. But employees will always admire and respect an employer that enables them to achieve a “good member outcome” from their pensions and savings journey as an employee, in those vital years between auto-enrolment and guidance guarantee. Our team of expert presenters, engaging advisers and wealth management specialists can help achieve this in your workplace and we are keen to meet with employers who take this seriously.