Employee Engagement

Making sure your employees understand and value their employee benefits

Improving employee engagement with your company pension scheme and employee benefits through effective communication can lead to a measurable increase in the return on investment you are achieving on your benefits spend.

By analysing your workforce and segmenting them into different demographic groups, such as new graduates, young parents or those with no computer access at work, we can create a tailored employee engagement strategy for your business, covering some or all of the benefits you offer.

Where possible, employee benefits communication programmes should encompass your entire benefits structure.  That way, we can create a communication plan that uses a variety of methods with joined up messages across all media and benefits.  Using an approach that focuses on ‘this is what your benefit(s) do for you’, not simply ‘this is what’s on offer’, we can enable you to effectively support your employees throughout their entire financial lifecycle.

To maximise effectiveness, wherever possible, we make use of your existing employee communication channels – for example, your intranet or induction programme. Our bespoke employee engagement strategies can incorporate:

  • face-to-face support for individuals and groups of employees
  • hard and soft copy scheme communications
  • off-site support, including trigger communications