Discovery Meeting

Discovery Meetings typically last between one and two hours, depending on the complexity of your situation. You may wish to include other people such as your spouse, partner, children or other professional advisers.

As explained above, at this meeting, your Financial Planner will introduce him or herself, and our business, to you. We will explain our services and the payment options available, confirming at what stage in the process charges may start to apply. If you feel WK Financial Planning is a good fit for you, we will also gather and analyse information about your personal circumstances, finances, attitude to risk and objectives. Understanding your attitude to risk is a key area that your Financial Planner will wish to focus on, as this will have a significant effect

on any advice we may give you. We will discuss with you the impact that risk could have, given your time frames and objectives, and detail the discussion in our meeting notes. At this stage, we may also ask you to sign letters of authority that will enable us to gain additional information about your financial arrangements, such as obtaining current valuations on your existing investments. If any fees are due at the next stage, these will be clearly explained to you.